About the Firm

Gregory K. Flanagan, RLA, ASLA, a 1978 graduate from University of Arizona with a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture, founded G.K. Flanagan Associates, Inc., in 1989 for the purpose of focusing on doing environmentally sensitive projects that fulfill the clients need and accentuate the surrounding area. With over twenty years experience and a philosophy to provide the best Landscape Architectural professionalism and design possible no matter the size or budget, G.K. Flanagan Associates, Inc., is able to provide the highest standard of Landscape Architectural design to our clients.

G.K. Flanagan Associates, Inc., is unique in our approach to projects. Projects are approached with a team effort, and the individual in the firm who starts the project, finishes the project, from Design Development through Construction Administration. That way, clients aren’t constantly establishing relationships with new individuals. The appropriate employee(s) is assigned to the project based on all the requirements of the client and project scope, and the abilities of the employee. This approach has led to many successful projects with a higher level of customer service as well as a higher level of end product quality.

This approach affords us to provide our client base with affordable fees as well flexibility in our project scheduling. Our projects are coordinated between our staff in twice weekly meetings and project overviews. This allows us to insure cost, quality and schedule controls. Each employee is responsible to coordinate and complete tasks, on time and in budget.

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